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Wind, Rain, Storm Damage

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Rain and Windstorms

The impact and shock of any major storm can be stressful for the residents. Filing a storm claim can create another level of emotional and frustrating trauma to your life. Do not give an insurance company the power to decide how to “best” put your life and property back together after a major storm event. Allow Gulf Coast Public Adjusters to resolve and advocate for your rights in moving forward with your clean up and repairs. You are owed money (by the insurance company) for your damages that the insurance company does not want you to know about and does not want to pay. You have a good idea of how much storm damage has occurred to your property.

Wind, Rain, Storm Damage

However, our claims experts and general contractors will identify hidden damages you may not be aware of. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters can and will help you fight the insurance company to ensure you receive a full recovery for your damages.

Hurricanes, tornados, hailstorms, tropical storms, windstorms, thunder and lightning storms, and other storms can all inflict havoc on your home or business. High wind can lift shingles and tiles or blow them completely off, allowing rain to enter your dwelling. Rain can enter through windows or other inconspicuous openings in your home. Trees or other outside objects may crash onto your property creating gaping holes and severe water intrusion, hail may dent your vehicles and home. Fences may collapse or blow into structures. Wind may cause severe pressure often causing windows to bow tearing seals and creating leaks. Lightning can cause severe damage to your electrical system. Damages may be extremely apparent, yet other damages may go unnoticed and only be discovered after years have passed. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters are experts in identifying hidden damages to the home or business that owners are not aware of, and insurance company adjusters will avoid.

Wind forces may also cause roof sheaths or panels to blow up allowing water to enter the layers underneath the roofing system triggering water to trickle down into the building unnoticed. These hidden damages are not visible during preliminary inspections of the property. Underlying water concealed in the walls only surface later when the walls are removed. Removed walls expose mold on firring strips and insulation. Drywall may be damaged beyond repair. Mold and fungi spores commence, inundating the dwelling. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will unveil and account for the hidden damages.

The destruction caused by wind and rain is covered in most homeowners’ insurance policies. However, there can be exclusions or limitations causing your claim to be denied. Storms that are not named hurricanes or tropical storms are not subject to large hurricane deductibles. Yet, insurance companies may attempt to categorize your damages under the hurricane deductible to limit your recovery funds. Storm claims are routinely denied by insurance carriers sighting the damages as wear and tear. Insurance carriers often attempt to only pay for patches and repairs. Do not accept insurance company curtailed payments or denials. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will pursue the claim with determination and conviction.

The repairability and pliability of shingles and underlayment is vastly diminished once the roofs are ten (10) years or older. Discuss any repair quote from your insurance carrier with Gulf Coast Public Adjusters to determine the viability of the roof repair.

Gulf Coast Public Adjusters have handled numerous wind and rainstorm damage claims helping policyholders obtain the money to fully recover their losses. We will not take “no” for an answer.

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