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If you think that it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, then wait until you hire an amateur.”
Red Adair.

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Many policyholders call their insurance company or their insurance agent first to report their claim and damages.
Contact Gulf Coast Public Adjusters Before You Call Your Insurance Company.


The insurance company poses several questions to you, wooing you into a false sense of security, setting you up for failure.

The questions your insurance company asks you are designed to truncate, limit, or deny your claim.

Insurance companies are adept at enticing you to use keywords or phrases; ultimately putting words in your mouth to block your coverage.

Our public adjusters will represent you, the policyholder, by reporting your claim and presenting your damages to the insurance company to ensure you receive proper coverage according to your policy and insurance laws.

We hold the insurance company accountable to pay you the money you are entitled to fully recover from your property damages.

We Work Exclusively for You, the Policyholder!

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Gulf Coast Public Adjusters

  • What is an Insurance Policy and How Does an Insurance Policy Work?

    Insurance is created under the premise of collective participation to share the risk amongst several participants. The participants are the policyholders.

    Many policyholders pay their insurance premiums but never file a claim. Thus, the collective participation helps to fund those policyholders who do end up suffering damages and must file valid claims.

    Perils such as wind and rain, fire and smoke, burst plumbing leaks, burglary and vandalism cause damages.

    Insurance policies come in various coverages. Property insurance policy coverage is for cars, residence/homes, recreational vehicles (such as boats), businesses, condominiums, etc. Our discussion does not include life insurance or health insurance coverages.

    A property insurance “policy” is a contract between the insured (who is likely the owner of the property) and the insurance company (the insurer). Each party (to the contract) is required to fulfill certain obligations. For instance, the policyholder is required to pay premiums and report a claim in a timely manner without delay. The insurer is required to pay claim damages at a reasonable value in a timely manner.

    Unfortunately, many policyholders find themselves fulfilling their part of the contract by paying high monthly or yearly premiums; yet the insurer avoids their obligation by delaying payments, not providing enough funds for the policyholder to recover from their damages, and/or (even worse) denying the claims. The policyholders are left feeling frustrated and defeated attempting to navigate the extremely challenging insurance claims environment.

    That is why Public Adjusters were established and the states backed Public Adjusters by creating a licensing requirement to ensure the best possible outcome for the policyholders and their respective claims.

  • What is a Public Adjuster?

    Public Adjusters level the playing field by having the knowledge and expertise to understand exactly what your insurance policy covers and ensuring the insurance carrier is not able to get out of paying what they owe. Insurance companies are in business to have a strong profit; by paying as little on a claim or denying a claim ensures their outcome for a strong profit. A Public Adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who is an advocate for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating an insurance claim. Public Adjusters are licensed by the State of Florida, Department of Financial Services ( and are the only claims adjuster who can lawfully represent the insured through the insurance claims process.

    Contact Gulf Coast Public Adjusters before you contact your insurance company in the unfortunate event your home or business suffers any type of damage. We will manage your claim for you through the entire insurance claims process. Many policyholders put off hiring a Public Adjuster until they become discouraged and exhausted dealing with the insurance companies. Actually, many people have never even heard of Public Adjusters.

    Although, Public Adjusters receive compensation in the form of a percentage of your claim; hiring a Public Adjuster is significantly more advantages than having no Public Adjuster at all. Public Adjusters provide personalized expert assistance in preparing and adjusting your claim, delivering an accurate analysis of your circumstance and policyholder rights as early in the process as possible.

    The principal reason a Public Adjuster is engaged is to assist the policyholder to fully recoup from their insurance company, for all covered damages incurred in the event of a loss. Public Adjusters examine all areas to demonstrate the complete effect of the loss-producing event.

    Trained, licensed, and expert Public Adjusters will classically be more comprehensive in their damage assessment than their insurance company counterparts or the inexperienced policyholder on his or her own. Public Adjusters deliver a personalized service with that concept in mind, and because the Public Adjuster does not receive any fees until you, the policyholder, receives your claim settlement.

    Public Adjusters share parallel interests with the policyholder in attaining the most accurate thorough claim payment feasible, in an accelerated approach for the policyholders.

    If you think that it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, then wait until you hire an amateur. Red Adair.

    Government statistics demonstrated that “policyholders who utilized the services of a Public Adjuster received an estimated $9379.00 on their claim compared to $1391.00 for those policyholders that did not use a Public Adjuster, a difference of 574%” (Office of Program Analysis and Government Accountability).

  • How to Choose a Public Adjuster.

    Licensed: Principally, the Public Adjuster must be licensed. Make sure the Public Adjuster’s license and appointments are current with their state; as well as ensure they are really a licensed Public Adjuster. There exist individuals and businesses who represent themselves as Public Adjusters or claim to offer similar services, when, in reality they are not qualified or licensed to collaborate with you or the insurance company. Click to check the State of Florida’s official database as well as to learn some telltale signs of illegal and unlicensed practice.

    Public Adjusters come from a wide range of backgrounds. When selecting a Public Adjuster, inquire about their experience and education. Do not be afraid to ask for references. Make sure the Public Adjuster you are considering is the right match for you and your claim. The Public Adjuster should be thoroughly familiar with insurance laws, as well as construction.

    Ensure the Public Adjuster contract for services is complete with an understandable explanation of their fee structure. Do not sign blank contracts. The Public Adjuster will encourage and counsel you to mitigate any damage.

    Comfort is a subjective component of hiring your private Public Adjuster. Your “Private” Adjuster will be helping you to get the money you deserve to rebuild your property after your loss. Seek a Public Adjuster who you feel is ethical. The Public Adjuster will visit the location site of where the damaged has occurred to accurately scope any destruction.

    Beware of remediation companies (especially those requiring you to sign a work authorization or power of attorney or assignment of benefits). A respectable Public Adjuster will not suggest his or her relative or friend to complete the repairs. The Public Adjuster’s obligation is to assist and represent you with your insurance claim. He or she will represent you through all stages of your claim.

  • There Are Three Types of Insurance Adjusters.

    Insurance Staff Adjuster or Desk Adjuster: Is an employee of the insurance company, who is paid directly by the insurance company, and promoted based upon how much money they can save the insurance company.

    Independent Adjuster: Is an independent contractor who works for the insurance industry and represents the insurance company’s interest, not the insured! The independent adjuster is paid directly by the insurance company and is contracted based upon their reputation for saving the insurance industry money.

    Public Adjuster: Is basically a Private Adjuster hired by the policyholder on a contingency basis, who fights for the policyholder’s rights and interests. The Public Adjuster advocates on policyholder’s behalf to make the policyholder whole again.

    So many Public Adjusters are located on the east coast of Florida in the tri county area (such as Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade counties); but Gulf Coast Public Adjusters are located (here) in southwest Florida. We have years of the big city experience, having practiced in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade counties, as well as the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. We relocated to beautiful southwest Florida and the Gulf Coast to help policyholders who want local representation. We concentrate on handling claims on the Gulf Coast of Florida from north of Tampa and south through Marco Island.

    Gulf Coast Public Adjusters
    Protecting the Policyholder
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    Collectively, we have well over 40 years in the insurance industry; as well as over 30 years of estimating, construction, and general contracting.
    We keep connected with industry standards, trends and changes. We have a team of resolute professionals providing continuous communication, diligence with multiple diverse perspectives and strategies to move your claim forward to obtain the money you need to fully rebuild after a loss.
    Gulf Coast Public Adjusters have top experts to assist in proving and presenting your claim to your insurance company. We utilize the best technology tools available to present your claim.

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Call us at (855) 742-3587

A representative from our office will speak to you regarding you damages. Our Public Adjusters will ask you several questions regarding the type of and origin (cause) of your damages. We will need your name, address where the incident occurred, your mailing address (if different from the loss address), your telephone number(s), email address, insurance policy information, mortgage, or lien information, claim number (if you already called in your claim), date of loss, any funds promised or received. Gulf Coast Public Adjuster will ask what may seem like a lot of questions; but if you think we ask a lot, just wait until your insurance carrier speaks to you. We will ask you to upload and send us any pictures or documents related to your claim.... Once we review your claim to determine if it is viable, we will prepare a Public Adjuster service agreement (contract) for your review and signature(s) of all persons named on the policy. After we have received the fully executed contract, we will send our Gulf Coast Public Adjuster Letter of Representation (LOR) along with the executed contract to your insurance company. This LOR and contract will serve as notification; as well as set the climate to your insurance company and commence the process or path to your getting the money you deserve for your loss.

Currently due to COVID-19 protocols, we may require a fully executed Public Adjuster service agreement (contract) prior to visiting the damaged property. For this reason, we may be requiring photographs of the damaged property.

Once our contract for services and the LOR is submitted, the process may take on vastly different avenues from this point. No two claims are the same. No two insurance companies are the same. Other policyholders, such as your neighbors, friends or relatives may explain to you the process they experienced; and there may be in fact similarities; but remember each claim is different. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters are experts in the insurance claims maze.

Your insurance carrier may contact you or Gulf Coast Public Adjusters after receiving our LOR. If your insurance carrier contacts you, kindly advise them Gulf Coast Public Adjusters is representing you and provide them with our contact information. The insurance carrier is likely reaching out to set a site visit to be attended by both the field adjuster and Gulf Coast Public Adjusters.

Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will scope your damages (either prior to meeting the field adjuster or at the time we meet with the field adjuster), and we will prepare a detailed estimate of the cost for you to fully recover from your loss. Our estimators are experienced general contractors. Our estimators do not perform any repairs. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters do not conduct any repairs and do not subcontract any vendors. Such practices are a conflict of interest. Our job and objective are to get you the funds from your insurance company so that you have the freedom and enough money to hire whomever you want to complete your repairs. Yes, you may even perform your own repairs, but Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will ensure you obtain enough funds to hire a fully licensed professional to fully recover from your damages.

Depending on your specific policy, we may submit a Proof of Loss (POL) to your insurance company. The POL must be signed by all insureds before a notary. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will then submit the POL package to your insurance carrier demanding payment.

Once a POL or estimate package has been submitted to your insurance company this should commence the negotiating process. The insurance company may create obstacles to deny or limit your payment. Your insurance company may require you to submit to recorded statements or examinations under oath (EUO), additional documents, etc. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will assist in each step.

The insurance company may present an offer. If the offer is not acceptable to you, the policyholder and there is a stark difference between the two sides; you or your insurance company may demand mediation or appraisal.

Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will assist in the mediation process as part of our services. The State of Florida bears the cost of mediation. Each party will have a seat at the “table” to negotiate a settlement counseled by the mediator. The insurance company normally has ten (10) to twenty (20) days to make payment If a settlement is agreed upon.

However, should either party demand appraisal, you (the insured) will have to hire an outside Appraiser (and the insurance company will also have to hire their own outside Appraiser). Gulf Coast Public Adjusters can recommend an Appraiser to act on your behalf. Appraisers currently charge about $350.00 per hour, not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the funds they are able to secure for you, the policyholder. Fees must still be paid to the Public Adjuster. The Appraisers will name an Umpire. The cost for the Umpire is shared by each party. During the appraisal process, the Appraisers will present their case to the Umpire and when two (2) out of three (3) agree on the scope and price, that amount is considered the final settlement amount.

Gulf Coast Public Adjusters are expert in negotiating and representing YOU, the policyholder, to FULLY recover from Your damages and GET THE $$$$$$ YOU DESERVE FOR YOUR INSURANCE CLAIM!!!

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