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Trust a team that specializes in complex property insurance policies and laws. Insurance companies write denial letters to seem very convincing and based on comprehensive investigation and the language of the policy. However, our Public Adjusters know insurance companies do not always get the facts correct, and purposely ignore obvious triggers to coverage. The insurance companies’ representatives read the policy inaccurately, to benefit them, even when they are interpreting their own policy’s language.

Gulf Coast Public Adjusters fight huge insurance companies every day. You do not have to be bullied by the big, bad insurance companies and the legal jargon clauses they give you. We are intimately familiar with property insurance law and have fought big, bad insurance companies for years.

You are entitled to the benefits (in your policy) that you paid for in premiums. Our Public Adjusters stand up for policyholders. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters have years of experience in property claims and are not intimidated by the insurance carriers.

Insurance companies attempt to pay out the lowest amount possible for claims. They use all types of tactics to delay claims to achieve their goal. Thus, leaving homeowners and businesses at their mercy and desperate to have their damages repaired or replaced.

Gulf Coast Public Adjusters fights for YOU.
If you discover yourself in a circumstance that is impossible to cope with due to the insurance companies’ shenanigans, you need a Public Adjuster to protect your rights. Typically, insurance companies will not take their insureds seriously until a Public Adjuster represents them. Do not hesitate to reach out to Gulf Coast Public Adjusters to discuss your claim – Free Consultation.

Gulf Coast Public Adjusters prove your insurance claim. The insurance carrier will employ their own specialists who usually side with the carrier, based on their business relationship. The insurance companies’ engineers and adjusters do not have your best interests at heart. The experts they send are seeking exclusions and excuses to deny your claim. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will bring in experts to show the cause of loss and the nature and extent of damages. Our licensed Public Adjusters and licensed General Contractors will present your claim to ensure you fully recover from your damages.

Your insurance policy has several requirements that you must perform before the insurance company has to pay the claim. Those requirements are a condition of coverage, and if not fulfilled properly could result in the insurance company denying your claim. Swift compliance is the best course of action.

Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will manage your claim right from the beginning through a just settlement.

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We are public insurance claims adjusters, hired by the policyholder, to advocate for the policyholder’s rights and interests. We evaluate the damage, determine the insurance coverage, establish the cause, scope the damage, gather evidence, document, and prepare estimates. We manage all aspects of the claim, including facilitating a fair and just resolution for the policyholder, advocating on the policyholder’s behalf to ensure the insured/policyholder is made whole.

We have over thirty-nine (39) years of construction experience encompassing full project management of construction and insurance restoration projects; as well as professional cost analysis. We have conducted a cost analysis of renovations of fire and smoke damage, plumbing leaks and water damage, burglary and vandalism damage, sinkholes, wind, storm and hurricane and natural disasters, mold, and Chinese drywall remediation. We have also assessed indoor air quality projects of commercial, residential, historical, and industrial properties, luxury high-rise condominiums, vacation homes, ski-resorts, oceanfront estates, restaurants, schools, medical facilities, and hospitals. Qualified in green building technology and the unique qualification of true historical restorations.

Previously, as an insurance restoration consultant, we were responsible for the initial inspections, damage cost analysis, negotiations of settlements, due diligence, contracts, purchasing, sales, and locating specialty manufacturers of building components to full orchestration and customer relations for over 8,500 projects. We have completed over nine hundred seventy-five (975) combined insurance appraisals and umpiring duties for many homeowners, insurance professionals, independents, and attorneys; as well as been directly involved in the cost estimations and assisted in the full negotiations for property damage settlements of losses, including hurricane losses throughout Florida, New York, and New Jersey with costs up to $44,000,000.00.


Florida Public Adjuster 320 All Lines (P174940)
Massachusetts Public Adjuster (1995375)
North Carolina Public Adjuster (11513744)
Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License (SL3372430)
Florida State Certified General Contractor (CGC-059464)
Florida State Certified Mold Assessor (MRSA-1445)
Florida State Certified Advanced Wind Mitigation Building Inspector (HI-5990)
Florida 620 All Lines Insurance Adjuster (P179949)
Certified Windstorm Insurance Network Umpire
Florida State Certified Mold Remediator (02664)
Indoor Air-Quality Association (I.D. 1259770)
Certified Property Insurance Appraiser / Umpire, I.A.U.A.
State of Florida Licensed Private Investigator (C270129)
Florida Notary (HH23736)


Gold Coast Public Insurance Adjuster School and Training (2008)
Public Adjuster Continuing Education:
Insuring Property and Liability Risks
Homeowners Insurance Adjusting in Florida
Fact and Expert Witness Skills and Development
The Origins of Mold and More
Aspects of Causation, Mold / Fraud
Rules Of the Road
A Discussion and More Ethics
A Conversation and the Final Answer
Conroy Simberg & Ganon Krevans & Abel Pa
2010 Claims Management Seminar - W/C; Liability (Law)
Product Liability
Florida Chapter 768
Case Law Update - General Liability
Preservation and Spoliation of Evidence
Law and the Appraisal Process
Legal Concepts of Insurance
Insurance Adjusting After Hurricanes and Tornadoes
CE 320 PC Professional for Public Adjusters
Defective “Chinese” Drywall Remediation (2009-2014)
Contractors Educational Services (2004 2020)
Research Training Testing and Consulting, LLC., Mold Remediation, Safety, and Containment
Pressurization (2002-2004), Certificate 02664
Florida Building Code, Technical Core Training (2001-2003)
Florida Department of Community Affairs, Division of Housing and Community Development, Breaking the Cycle: strengthening and mitigating residential structures before natural disasters strike, and became part of a State-wide Contractor program, organized by FEMA to create, inspect, inform, and initiate a construction mitigation program for all homeowners alike (1998-1999)
Cost Estimation and Building Technology (1990-1991)
Citizens Property Insurance, Outreach & Mitigation Programs (2011-2014)
Florida Real Estate Sales Course 2016
University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice (1981)
Accounting Minor; Foreign Exchange Student Political Science and Comparative Justice Program (through University of North Carolina and State University of New York) at Copenhagen, Denmark; London, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Student Exchange Program at University of Nevada, Las Vegas J. A. LaSorsa and Associates Executive Protection
New York Institute of Security and Polygraph Sciences, New York, New York Polygraph Diploma (1981) Trained by William J. Majeski (Consultant to Nancy Grace, MSNBC, and FOX News)


National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters
Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters
Associated General Contractors of America
Better Business Bureau, of South Florida and the Caribbean
Building Trades Association, Inc.
Builders Association of South Florida
The South Florida Claims Association
Property Loss Research Bureau
Liability Insurance Research Bureau
Windstorm Insurance Network
Indoor Air-Quality Association, Washington D.C.
Cambridge Who’s Who - Honored Lifetime Member
Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association, Past Board Member
American Polygraph Association
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
Association of Federal Narcotics Agents
National Notary Association
Association of Certified Background Investigators
World Association of Detectives

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