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Burglary and Vandalism Damage

Burglary and Vandalism

Many policyholders do not realize that burglaries, vandalism, home invasions, and thefts are covered perils in an insurance policy. Going through such incidents are extremely stressful and frightening. Determining who committed the crimes should only be handled by your local or federal law enforcement agencies. If your home or business has been vandalized, robbed, or broken into resulting in items stolen and property damaged Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will help you process your insurance claim. A burglary or home invasion is an extraordinarily challenging and stressful circumstance for any family or business. Irrespective of what was taken or damaged you also feel violated. Once you have discovered you have been burglarized or are a victim of vandalism your insurance company requires you to contact your local police or law enforcement agency.

Burglary and Vandalism

Your local law enforcement agency should respond to conduct a complete and thorough investigation resulting in a detailed report consisting of a list of all items stolen, damage to property, as well as details of the actual crime. You should assist the police to ensure the report is accurate. Later, if you discover other items are missing, you will need to re-contact the police to ensure the report is updated. Your insurance company will verify a report has been filed with the police and may rely upon the responding investigative police report to assist in the decision of money to be paid out against the policy. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will guide you through the inventory, as well as determine the cost for you to fully recover from the burglary, vandalism, and destruction to your dwelling.

While it is valuable to know the distinctions between burglary, theft, and vandalism, normally your investigating or responding law enforcement agency will certainly specify the situation (according to state statutes and codes). However, here are your basic definitions:


Burglary is the act of entering a property illegally with the intent of breaking a law. Components of burglary consist of trespassing, breaking, and entering. A person who commits burglary could do so to steal from the property, illegally inhabit the structure, or vandalize property.


Theft or robbery is a criminal act in which a person takes someone else’s property without permission. While burglary often goes together with theft, theft can occur without burglary and vice versa.


Vandalism is the focused and malicious destruction of property by someone who does not own the property. Vandalism is often referred to as malicious mischief or malicious trespassing. It is common for those who commit vandalism to first commit burglary, though not everyone who commits burglary is guilty of vandalism. When burglars, thieves, or vandals have damaged your business or commercial property the damage can be substantial and costly. It is important to understand exactly how your property was damaged and exactly what your policy covers when submitting or presenting your insurance claim. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will help you present your insurance claim properly; as well as any supplemental claims to help you fully recover the total cost of all that has been broken, damaged or stolen from your home/business invasion, burglary, or vandalism.

Insurance companies will need proof you owned the items you are claiming to have been stolen as a result of the incident. You must establish ownership by providing documentation, such as credit card statements, receipts, or photographs. The more documentation you provide, the easier for your insurance carrier to settle the claim.

Being violated and victimized by burglary, vandalism or theft is traumatic enough; you do not want to have to fight with your insurance company. Gulf Coast Public Adjusters will help you through the insurance labyrinth to fully recover the value of your stolen or vandalized property.

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